Electrical Rewinds

Electrical rewinds

We can advise you on whether or not it is more cost-effective to rewind your current motor or purchase a new one. Typically, the more specialised a motor, the greater the value in having it rewound. We would also take into account the planned usage of motor to estimate how cost effective repair or replacement could be.

Where a rewind is more cost effective, we can rewind anything from .06 kW upwards, both AC and DC. We have extensive experience of rewinding motors, generators, pumps and DC armatures. We can complete a full overhaul of any AC and DC rotating machinery.

No job is too large for us to handle. We can handle motors up to 5 tonnes in weight at our dedicated repair facility. Electrical rewinding is a skilled job by choosing us you can have confidence that the work will be done to the highest possible standard.

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