Fault Finding & Servicing

Fault finding and rectification

We can identify and locate the cause of electrical breakdowns, and recommend a solution to the problem. Many electricians are unable to do provide this service due to its complexity.
We have considerable experience providing a fault finding and rectification service for:

overhead cranes
food preparation machinery
agricultural machinery
ventilation and fans

Machinery requires regular servicing to ensure it works to its optimum efficiency. Preventative maintenance is always preferable but we also understand that machinery can break down when you least expec t it!

Servicing and maintenance

A typical maintenance programme might include shaft alignment, thermal imagery to monitor overheating, high voltage testing and bearing analysis. We can also provide on-site emergency repairs to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. All work undertaken by us carries a one year guarantee (subject to conditions).

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